Adaptive Equipment and Housing Modifications  Greater Auckland area.


Medical Practitioners and Allied Health Professionals:

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Do you have difficulty with some activities of daily living, do you feel some equipment may assist you?

Adaptive Equipment may be the ‘bridge’ you need for a short period, or for permanent use, to enable you to manage tasks without having to wait for some one to help you.

'Cognitive Impairment and Driving' is a Medical Responsibility

Adaptive Equipment may be required to assist with:


Managing your personal cares – showering, dressing, hair care etc

Managing domestic tasks – cooking meals, dishes, shopping, cleaning, putting the rubbish out etc

Mobility – in your home, carrying items whilst walking, on steps, out shopping etc

Or driving a car, being a passenger in a vehicle, living independently in your home, accessing home or office, working at a desk or outdoors, supporting safe computer use.

'Cognitive Impairment and Driving' is a Medical Responsibility

Housing Modifications – these may be as simple as carefully placed rails, to a walk-in shower with rails and non slip flooring, or kitchen modifications.

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